Is Mount Desert Island Atlantis?

It may seem far-fetched, but a mature, sane, level-headed woman who lives in Bar Harbor believes there is a very good chance that Mount Desert Island is the legendary Atlantis.

Author of "The Native Rock," June Power Chaplin has spent a lifetime studying the rocks of Mt. Desert Island. To her, certain geologic feature lend credence to the notion that MDI is Atlantis.

She contends that Plato's description of Atlantis, written in 360 BC, seems remarkably similar to MDI and norhteatern Maine and New Brunswick.

The description, which appears in the dialogues of Timaeus and Critieas, concerns an island called Atlantis that he places somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Plato wrote that the account "though strange" was "certainly true." Although written over 2300 years ago, the story was older, having been handed down several generations. Plato said that the island of Atlantis had been destroyed 9000 years before his account, which amounts to 11-12,000 years ago.

Chaplin raises powerful questions. Had the Coast of Maine been known and remembered some 2500 - 3000 years ago? Had Plato's sources related a description of a vast glacial plain and theorized a mighty people had once lived on the land to explain its geologic and glacial features? Or had there, indeed, been a perfected City of Atlantis and plain of the Continent of Atlantis, populated by hard-working Atlanteans who lived 12,000 years ago?

Chaplin points out 13 specific descriptions of Atlantis with striking comparisons of the Island of Mount Desert. “The Native Rock,” filled with alluring illustrations and comprehensive chapters on Acadia National Park's geologic formations".