Captain D's National Park ACADIA

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Our original plan was to make visitors pay $10 to get further into this Site. To us this seemed eminently fair. We were, after all, making it possible for them to save $20 a day—the fee for getting onto Ocean Drive—plus we were giving them many valuable coupons as well as a wealth of information they just can't get anywhere else. Why shouldn't we be compensated for our trouble? Even Internet guys need to eat.

Well, this didn't work. For whatever reason, very few people ponied up the $10. We got plenty of traffic to the Site. But almost no paying customers. So it's back to the drawing board. On to Plan B. We've decided to ask for donations. Anybody wishing to see the rest of the Site has to pony up at least a buck. (I hope all this doesn't constitute panhandling. My mother would never understand.)

BONUS VALUE NUMBER ONE: Make a $10 or $20 Donation and receive a FREE Chakra Charm Necklace with crushed shell from Sand Beach, the Throat Chakra of Mount Desert Island, Maine. These necklaces are said to help lead you from the Fourth World of Separation to the Fifth World of Unity! (If you want the necklace, ask for one in the Additional Comments Box at the Checkout.)

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BONUS VALUE NUMBER TWO: Your "donation" makes you a CAPTAIN D VIP! In practical terms, this means that Captain D will provide detailed answers to any questions you might have and will give you straight-forward, shot-from-the hip advice on how to get the most from your visit to Downeast Maine. The Captain has been exploring the Acadia Region for 35 years and likes nothing better than giving people the Inside Scoop. (Especially people who send him money.) Captain D knows who the jerks are and will steer you clear of them! This all comes with an ironclad money-back guarantee.

Comments? Go ahead and rattle Captain D's cage