Animals of Acadia National Park

Bats Hoofed Browsers Salamanders
Bears Marine Mammals Shrews and Moles
Canids Rabbits and Hares Snakes
Felines Raccoons Turtles
Frogs and Toads Rodents Weasels

Status descriptions:
extinct species no longer exists
extirpated human induced absence: hunted, trapped, driven out from former range
* Maine Species of Indeterminate Status - believed to be endangered, threatened, or of special concern status, but insufficient data is available.
~ Maine Watch List - species that warrant special attention, but do not meet requirements of other categories.
Federally Listed Endangered Species - in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant part of its range

little brown bat common* porcupine common
northern long-eared bat common* beaver (re-introduced, 1921) common
silver-haired bat unknown* woodchuck common
big brown bat common* muskrat common
red bat uncommon* gray squirrel common
hoary bat uncommon* red squirrel common
eastern small-footed bat uncommon eastern chipmunk common
  deer mouse common
 BEARS white-footed mouse common
black bear uncommon southern bog lemming unknown ~
  boreal red-backed vole common
meadow vole common
eastern timber wolf
(gray wolf) extirpated northern flying squirrel common
eastern coyote common southern flying squirrel uncommon
red fox common meadow jumping mouse common
 Back to top of page woodland jumping mouse common
house mouse uncommon
bobcat rare Norway rat uncommon
lynx extirpated  
eastern cougar extirpated  SALAMANDERS
  spotted salamander common
FROGS AND TOADS red-spotted newt common
American toad uncommon dusky salamander uncommon
spring peeper common red-backed salamander common
gray tree frog uncommon four-toed salamander uncommon
bullfrog  common two-lined salamander common
green frog common blue-spotted salamander unknown
pickerel frog common  
leopard frog (northern) uncommon  SHREWS AND MOLES
wood frog common masked shrew common ~
  northern water shrew uncommon ~

HOOFED BROWSERS pygmy shrew unknown ~
white-tailed deer common short-tailed shrew common ~
moose uncommon star-nosed mole common
eastern woodland
caribou extirpated hairy-tailed mole uncommon
American elk extirpated smokey mole uncommon
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(summer distribution)  SNAKES
harbor seal common red-bellied snake common
gray seal uncommon garter snake common
harbor porpoise common ringneck snake common
dolphin uncommon smooth green snake common
dolphin rare visitor northern milk snake common
pilot whale rare    
finback whale
(seasonal) common  TURTLES
minke whale common snapping turtle common
humpback whale uncommon stinkpot turtle accidental
right whale rare eastern painted turtle common
orca (killer whale) rare visitor central painted turtle unknown
beluga rare visitor wood turtle accidental
  Blanding's turtle accidental
snowshoe hare
(varying hare) common  WEASELS
  Back to top of page short-tailed weasel (ermine) common
 RACCOONS long-tailed weasel common
raccoon common mink common
  river otter common
striped skunk common
fisher unknown
sea mink extinct